Biomasa Forestal

Committed with the world of bioenergy.



This Galician Company based in As Pontes and acquired by GrupoGestán in 2012 is a clear statement of our environmental and energy commitment.

With this industrial project, GrupoGestán aims to promote the biomass sector, developing it to its full potential both at the industrial and residential level.

As a result of the confidence and growth of the sector, BiomasaForestal is listed in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe between2012 and 2015. According to the Financial Times, BiomasaForestal is ranked 16th at the European level, being the second Spanish business on this list of 1,000 companies.



BiomasaForestal has an anual production capacity of 75,000MT and it’s considered to be one of the biggest factories in Spain, both in terms of production and capacity.

The production site located in As Pontes produces wood pellets for domestic use and the production is distributed both in the national and international markets. The company aims to export up to 50% of its total production, as it did in 2016.

Our main international customers are from the UK, France, Germany and other countries of the European Union, where pelletsare sent by sea with ships chartered for this purpose from the port of Ferrol.

At the national level, deliveries can be made with dump andblower trucks. Our main customers belong to the agricultural and industrial sector, but also to the public administration, hotels and big distribution chains, as well as private consumers.

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